Whether you need warehousing for business growth, short-term supply chain assistance, or longer-term manufacturing operations, NEPW can provide an efficient, reliable solution. Our experienced and dedicated team uses a sophisticated warehouse management system to maintain your inventory, and our customer service representatives will provide a premium level of support.

Our process systems include capabilities for:

  • RF & Barcoding
  • EDI Software Options
  • Quality Control Inspections
  • Inventory Reporting Software


Our thirteen warehouse locations throughout Maine and in Massachusetts offer over 1.6 million square feet of high-bay, modern storage space. Eight of these are rail-served by the two major short-line operations in the region: St. Lawrence & Atlantic (CN Connection) and Pan Am Railways (NS and CSX connections). With our networks and proximity to major highways, we can offer a variety of transportation options to suit your needs.

As a contract provider, NEPW maintains high industry standards for our warehouses, including five locations with Food Grade certification. Our trained professionals adhere to safety and quality protocols that will ensure your product is always handled with the utmost care.

Our Warehouse Management System can provide complete visibility to your inventory, enabling you to manage it more effectively to meet your business needs.



Kitting is recognized in the logistics chain as the process of assembling and packing multiple products or SKUs, which are typically separate but related items, and combining them into a single unit. A new SKU normally is created after that. The goal is to help you decrease inventory space; whether you choose to kit on demand or kit to stock.

Kitting and assembly are often required for retail distribution, eCommerce fulfillment, or as a step in the supply chain. Whether you need to kit finished goods or provide custom replacement kits, NEPW can assist with these time- intensive tasks, allowing you to better utilize space, reduce administrative costs, and respond better to customer orders.



NEPW can work with your proprietary labeling systems, or develop customized labels to meet your requirements for private labeling, product identification, or unique situations.



Thanks to our strategic locations, access to transportation, efficiency of processing, and flexibility of systems, NEPW excels at helping move product through a supply chain, or filling orders to customers. We recognize that each fulfillment process is unique, so we work with you to ensure that our interface and product flow efficiently support the needs of your customers.

We also excel at developing solutions for packing of goods in a way that maintains product integrity (including during transportation), provides desired display characteristics, or appropriately brands the product...all integrated into your distribution process, to provide the efficiencies you demand.



With NEPW, we can provide traditional cross-dock service, where products from a supplier or customer are distributed directly to an outbound location or client with minimal handling and little-to-no storage time.

We can also provide additional services within the cross-dock process, helping to simplify your logistics processes and support different customer process models, such as:

Hub and Spoke provides a central site for products to be sorted, with similar products combined for delivery to multiple destinations using the most productive and fastest method. 

Consolidation combines numerous smaller product loads into one mode of transportation to save on costs. 

Deconsolidation breaks down large product loads into smaller loads for transportation, in order to create an easier delivery process to the customer. 

NEPW will work with you to assess your needs and determine the potential benefits of the various models possible.